24 Jul 2012

New cold storage tuna facility in American Samoa cannery now operating

10:39 am on 24 July 2012

A cold storage facility for the new tuna cannery in American Samoa is now operating while a second one, is expected to be completed next year.

U.S. based Tri Marine International is building a new tuna cannery processing plant in the territory to be completed later next year but operations for fresh fish export is now underway.

Tri Marine president and CEO, Renato Curto says the company is now operating one 2,000 ton cold storage facility in support of both the purse seiner and longline fleets based in American Samoa.

He says the other cold storage facilities on site have been demolished and a new 5,000 ton capacity, energy efficient cold store is under construction with a scheduled completion date of early February next year.

And with the next minimum wage hike delayed until 2015, Mr Curto says the company can now move further with investments in the territory.

He says global competition is here to stay and it is critical that the company and American Samoa find ways to remain competitive in the world tuna market.