24 Jul 2012

Sport: Samoa's first swim series takes to the water

10:43 am on 24 July 2012

Samoa's inaugural Swim Series will take to the water in a couple of hours, in the first of three days of competition.

The series was officially launched on Monday by Samoa's Prime Minister and

has attracted entrants from New Zealand and Australia alongside locals.

Director Seti Afoa says the response has been pleasing.

"If somebody told me six months ago that we would get 120 people registered for the first ever swim series in Samoa I would have been very happy with that. I was expecting a little less than that but the interest out there in New Zealand and also from Australia has been phenomenal, and to the point too that this time for next years series we have 30 booked already for those simply who aren't able to be here, will be next year."

The three day competition will consist of a 400m, 2km and 4km race each day.