20 Jul 2012

Laid off senior citizens in American Samoa now back at work

10:44 am on 20 July 2012

The 72 senior citizens in American Samoa who were laid off from their part-time jobs with the Territorial Administration On Aging are now back at work.

Employment program at the agency is funded by the federal government and each senior citizen works part time for only 48 months. Thereafter, others are given the chance to be employed.

The administration's director Fa'afiti Pita Tauanu'u's first request sent last month to the federal grantor for a one-year extension was denied.

However, its second request, submitted more than a week ago, has been granted.

Tauanu'u says this is good news for the affected senior citizens, laid off two weeks ago but are now back to work for at least one more year.

Some of the work performed by the seniors include teaching elementary school students lessons in cultural handicrafts, mat weaving and Samoan culture.