18 Jul 2012

Manu'a senator unhappy with American Samoa comment

3:09 pm on 18 July 2012

American Samoa's Manu'a Senator, Galea'i Tu'ufuli, says the territorial leaders are out of touch with the reality of what's happening in Manu'a.

The senator said statements by the acting governor Faoa Aitofele Sunia that all is progressing well in the government of Tutuila and Manu'a during this week's service for Manu'a Cession Day is incorrect.

He says things may be fine and dandy in Tutuila but that is not the case in Manu'a.

Galea'i says, for example, last week there was a shortage of gasoline and food supplies in stores because of the lack of transportation service to the islands.

He says as well as continuous problems with transportation, the state of dispensaries and schools in Manu'a has not improved in the past 10 years.