27 Jun 2012

TI PNG keen to improve electoral process

3:09 pm on 27 June 2012

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea says it hopes to partner with the new government immediately after the election to improve the process for future polls.

It is half a week into the two weeks of voting and the poll has shown up many of the faults anticipated in the electoral rolls.

Lawrence Stephens of TI PNG says, in his personal experience in Kairuku-Hiri in Central Province, there are double entries and names missing from the roll, while there is evidence of electoral officials not following the proper process.

He says, like many things, PNG doesn't pay enough attention to the state of the electoral roll.

"And the view of TI is that immediately the dust settles we would like to work with government, work with interested people, to find a way to stop this stupidity which ends up with so much confusion at each election."

Lawrence Stephens of TI PNG