25 Jun 2012

Expert says PNG needs revolution to stem corruption

1:03 pm on 25 June 2012

A state crime expert says the greatest challenge for PNG in being able to ensure good governance and the delivery of basic services is to break the grip of the so-called mobocracy on the country.

As the country heads to the polls for its eighth general election, Dr Kristian Laslett from the International State Crime Initiative says a social revolution is needed to change the system under which rampant corruption thrives in PNG.

He says there's an elite network of businessmen and politicians who operate in order to reward each other.

"It's not a choice of individuals, it's not something that I think people are electing to do. You can't change this through ethics classes. You can't change this through education, you actually need to change the entire social structure that underpins government and business. You need a social revolution of sorts."

Kristian Laslett says the revolution required is unlikely to come from changes in parliament.