19 Jun 2012

Former Fiji opposition leader says Bainimarama is threatening politicians

4:47 am on 19 June 2012

The President of Fiji's United Peoples' Party says the regime leader has been threatening politicians during a time when he said there would be free and fair debate about a constitution.

Mick Beddoes says he thinks there should be a judicial investigation into the coup in 2006 once the constitution, which is out for public consultation now, is in place and there have been elections.

He also said fronting up to the prospect of spending the rest of their lives in prison would have an impact on any individual in the regime.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama responded by telling the Fiji Sun that 'the day when the military will be taken to prison, that will be the end of those who are behind it'.

Mr Beddoes says the comment is a direct threat and unbecoming of a leader.

"If we are going to be asked to participate in a constitutional review process under constant threat to our lives and to our person, and to ourselves, then what kind of open and fair process is that. That is hardly going to have an outcome that people can call legitimate or credible."

Mick Beddoes says he will continue to raise issues as he sees fit.