6 Jun 2012

Fiji women want re-think on role of the military

7:13 pm on 6 June 2012

The role of the security forces in the future of Fiji was one issue discussed by delegates to the second Fiji Women's Forum in Suva this week.

The meeting agreed on four non-negotiable issues; respect for human rights; defining the role of the military; ensuring women have more say in the political process and respectful and open consultations on the constitution.

One of the organising groups was Femlink Pacific and its spokeswoman, Sharon Bagwan-Rolls, says the 62 women's leaders concluded they must have a say in security sector governance.

She says this is broader than just the military and involves defining what security is.

"How do we redefine the role of the military. What about the police and what about the navy and what we are hearing from women today in particular is we want to take a look at what has been the constitutional role of the military and the security sector, particularly since independence. Where has it changed and why has it changed, and where would we like it to go."