4 Jun 2012

Former PNG military commander warns of danger of dictatorship

1:36 pm on 4 June 2012

A former Commander of Papua New Guinea's Defence Force who is contesting this month's general election says the country is in danger of becoming a dictatorship.

General Jerry Singirok is standing for the Madang Sumkar open seat under the Pangu Pati banner.

General Singirok warns that the confluence of big money and political office is giving unbridled power to a select few.

He says that the control of state security forces by certain MPs during recent events in PNG's political impasse has set a dangerous precedent.

"We may end up having dictatorship government and we will run into the same problem as Fiji and (what) other Arabian countries have gone through: for example Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi, they had absolute control over the armed forces and nobody could question their authority, it was only the uprising of the people that brought to their demise."

General Jerry Singirok