4 Jun 2012

Vanuatu political veteran encourages young people to become more politically involved

5:21 am on 4 June 2012

A former Vanuatu prime minister, Barak Sope, says he wants to see more young people in Parliament, and this is one reason he is encouraging educated people to stand in the poll later this year.

Mr Sope was reported in media last week saying he wanted only graduates running for parliament, but he says he just wants to encourage more graduates to consider becoming politicians.

He says politics in Vanuatu is increasingly complicated and many MPs struggle.

And Mr Sope says this lack of education also contributes to the chronic political instability in the country.

"Why I am saying this is that about 70 percent of the population is below 25 so we have a lot of younger people entering different sectors of employment. So what I am trying to say is addressing my view to the younger people who are sometimes not really active in the politics of Vanuatu and they are seeing things differently."