1 Jun 2012

Key points of Vanuatu report still valid despite review

12:34 pm on 1 June 2012

The Vanuatu Supreme Court says the key element of a critical Coroner's Report still stands despite some parts having been excised.

The report by New Zealand judge Nevin Dawson called for an investigation into the death of a prisoner in custody three years ago.

In a judicial review sought by the police commander, Joshua Bong, parts of the report were taken out.

This had been presented in the media as an exoneration of Mr Bong, but Transparency International Vanuatu's president, Marie-Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson, says major efforts must still be made to restore the credibility of the police.

She says this has to start with an investigation into who was responsible for the killing of the recaptured prisoner, John Bule.

"And even more general to emphasise that the rule of law operates in Vanuatu and also to deliver justice to the family. And again, which is a general aspect, which has been a major problem in Vanuatu the next recommendation is to restore public confidence in the police agency in the country and to absolve the Vanuatu police force and the mobile force because otherwise they get tainted."