17 May 2012

PNG at crossroads as elections loom, says Greens leader

7:01 pm on 17 May 2012

Papua New Guinea's Green Party says this year's election finds the country at a major crossroads.

In next month's polls, the party is fielding 25 candidates, 10 of whom are women, including its leader, Dorothy Tekwie.

She's contesting the Vanimo electorate against the sitting MP, the Deputy Prime MInister Belden Namah, who says he is donating 14 million US dollars of his own money to fund his PNG Party's election campaign.

Ms Tekwie says that the political turmoil of recent months has seen PNG's constitution dismantled and its courts undermined.

"Members of parliament have been too busy trying to stay in power that they have virtually forgotten to deliver services to rural areas. So there is widespread fear through PNG that this coming election is going to determine whether this country will remain a democracy or we are going to be turned into a dictatorship because of the current state of political impasse."

Dorothy Tekwie