15 May 2012

100 US Marines arrive on Tinian in CNMI for large military excercise

6:55 am on 15 May 2012

Some 100 Japan based U.S. Marines have arrived on Tinian in the Northern Marianas for Exercise Geiger Fury 2012, the largest military exercise the CNMI has seen in years.

Exercise Geiger Fury marks another milestone in the partnership between the CNMI and the U.S. Department of Defense, which leases two-thirds of Tinian.

The rest of the estimated 200 Marines taking part in the exercise are expected to arrive either via planes or by sea vessel in the coming days.

Soon, there will be F-18 Hornets and C-130s on Tinian skies as part of the exercise.

The training on Tinian allows Marine Aircraft Group-12 out of Japan "to improve aviation combat readiness and simulate operations in a deployed austere environment," among other things.