9 May 2012

Samoa police trying to resolve issues with family peacefully

5:30 pm on 9 May 2012

The Police in Samoa say they're trying to resolve peacefully the issues they have with a family at the centre of an attempted drug raid, which left a man dead.

Three police officers were also wounded by gunfire during Monday's operation in Faleatiu village near Apia.

The police say there were fired at as their vehicles approached and returned shots in self-defence but the family claim the police opened fire first and that they had no weapons.

The Assistant Police Commissioner, Leaupepe Fatu Pula, says the police haven't returned to the village since the shoot-out but says they've interviewed some family members over the phone.

"We're trying to proceed with the investigations as soon as possible. We're trying to resolve the issues between the village and the police peacefully before we commence investigations."

Leaupepe Fatu Pula says a post-mortem will be carried out this week to determine whether the bullet that killed the man was from a police issued gun.