7 May 2012

Commission of inquiry called for after fatal Vanuatu gas explosion

7:38 pm on 7 May 2012

The chair of the Women Against Crime group in Vanuatu, Jenny Ligo, says the government needs to appoint a commission of inquiry to probe a gas explosion that killed two construction workers at a resort near Port Vila.

Mrs Ligo says the owners of Nasama Resort have done all they can to help the families of the two ni-Vanuatu who died, but she says there's confusion about what happened and the government needs to investigate.

She says she has visited the site where the two were working and found that the gas was odourless which doesn't comply with Vanuatu law.

"The owner will have his own story and other people surrounding it, so there are many people who are involved with this incident. So that's why I am saying it's best that the come up with a commission of inquiry."

Jenney Ligo.

She says the workers' manager, an expatriate, was also hurt in the explosion and is receiving medical treatment in Australia.