25 Apr 2012

Niue to post live whale-frolicking on the web

6:49 pm on 25 April 2012

Thousands of dollars worth of equipment is due to arrive in Niue next month for land-based whale watching platforms.

Special coin-operated binoculars imported from the United States will be set up at six sites around the island in time to see the humpbacks which pass close to the island from mid-June on their southbound migration.

Whale watching is one of Niue's main tourist attractions and Hayden Porter of the Niue Tourism Board says there will also be webcams and eventually a device to listen to the whales' underwater cries.

"Someone in theory could be sitting in an apartment in New York and log on to niueisland.com and actually view one of the whales performances or observe them in a reasonable amount of detail without actually leaving the living room."

Hayden Porter says he hopes this will stimulate interest in Niue, which relies heavily on tourism, and saw about 60 whales in the area last season.