25 Apr 2012

Tour operator in Palau says hike in visitor permit will protect environment

12:51 pm on 25 April 2012

A diving and tour operator in Palau says an increase in the cost of visiting the Rock Islands and a popular snorkelling spot will help authorities protect the environment.

The Koror State Government is hiking the 10 day pass to Jellyfish Lake from 35 US dollars to 100 dollars and the permit to the Rock Islands, excluding Jellyfish Lake, will double from 25 US dollars to 50 dollars from June the 1st.

The co-owner of Fish 'n Fins, Navot Bornovski, says Jellyfish Lake is a unique attraction because of its 18 million non-stinging jellyfish.

He says the increase is not a big deal because the money will be used to preserve the environment.

"Tourism is a major source of income and they have to protect it. And the way to protect the environment, you have to invest money into it. If it's putting moorings, if it's controlling Jellyfish Lake and others and the only way to do it is by collecting money from tourists."

Navot Bornovski says Jellyfish Lake is attracting up to 100,000 tourists a year.