24 Apr 2012

With 47 cases, Niue dengue believed to have peaked

2:01 pm on 24 April 2012

The Niue Health Department says it believes the dengue outbreak has peaked.

The department says there have been 47 recorded cases of dengue fever, but only one case has been picked up in the last seven days.

The Acting Director of Health, Manila Nosa, says it's a relief to see the wane in cases, but it's too early to say that dengue is completely gone.

He says there has been a lot of rain lately and it's hoped this won't contribute to a further spread.

"I just hope that the outbreak has disappeared for good and for the people here on the island to continue with their mosquito clearing, get rid of breeding sites and all that, so pretty much an ongoing awareness so the public are well aware that we need some efforts from the community and also from the health department in order to tackle this problem once and for all."

Manila Nosa says people on Niue need to remain vigilant with their prevention measures.