24 Apr 2012

Paper says PNG Government to go ahead with six month election delay

1:24 pm on 24 April 2012

Papua New Guinea's Post Courier newspaper is reporting that the government has decided to delay the elelction by six months, with the writs to be issued on October the 27th.

The paper says Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, and Parliament are sticking with the decision made three weeks ago to delay the vote.

After that decision Mr O'Neill said the election would go ahead as originally scheduled because only the Electoral Commissioner had the power to delay a vote.

But there had been continuing conjecture that the government would still delay the poll and the paper says Mr O'Neill has now told Parliament the elections will be delayed by six months.

The government is also expected to replace the Commissioner, Andrew Trawen, amid claims by MPs that his re-appointment was flawed.

Mr O'Neill says Mr Trawen was not ready to conduct the elections in a few weeks because the electoral rolls were far from ready.

He told Parliament that Mr Trawen has to admit to the failures and tell the citizens of PNG that he is not ready for the poll.