19 Apr 2012

Tonga's move to democracy an example to others, says MP

3:09 pm on 19 April 2012

A Tongan MP Sangster Saulala says by hosting a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting, the visiting delegates can see first hand how the country is handling a peaceful transition to democracy.

Nearly a hundred people including politicians from different Commonwealth nations are in Nuku'alofa to discuss good parliamentary practice.

Mr Saulala says one of the main aims of the CPA is to try and push all member countries towards democracy and greater transparency.

He says Tonga can be held up as an example, and believes that's one of the reasons the CPA wanted the meeting in the kingdom.

"Tonga is becoming one of the examples to other countries that change can happen in a peaceful way. Democracy in some countries people die for it, and all this protest and violence but in Tonga the King gave his authority and power to the people."

Sangster Saulala says CPA countries will be more willing to help the Tongan economy if they can see the country is moving towards democracy.