19 Apr 2012

PNG MPs keep lobbying for poll deferral

1:18 pm on 19 April 2012

Pressure is building on Papua New Guinea's Electoral Commissioner, Andrew Trawen, from parliamentarians wanting the elections to be deferred.

Despite announcements last week by the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill that the election will go ahead as originally scheduled in late June, many MPs continue to push for a deferral.

Several MPs met Mr Trawen yesterday to discuss election preparations and the state of the common roll.

The Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah claims that incomplete and flawed common rolls will cause chaos in the Highlands region.

He also says that parliament's motion to defer elections has not been repealed and still stands.

A Cabinet Minister and Mt Hagen MP, William Duma, says a two or three month deferral should be adequate.

"The national budget is handed down in November every year. So we are saying we have to have an election and have a new government formed in time for the budget to be presented in November this year. All we are saying (to Andrew Trawen) is look, if you are not ready admit it. We have reasonable grounds to believe that you are not ready: admit it and we'll work together."

William Duma