10 Apr 2012

Fiji Red Cross says moving people to higher ground is logical move

5:53 pm on 10 April 2012

The Red Cross in Fiji says moving people away from low-lying areas which are prone to flooding is a logical idea.

The confirmed death toll from the flooding, which hit the Western Division and parts of the Central Division last week, stands at five and about 2,000 people are still in evacuation centres.

The Disaster Management Office has confirmed a long-term recovery plan may involve moving people to higher ground.

The aid agency's acting director-general Christopher Ho says many villagers are already suggesting they should be moved.

"If you've been repeatedly hit by flooding and you can see your land is actually eroding I don't think that would be a difficult decision to make. yes of course there would be some emotional attachment to that area."

Christopher Ho says the emotional connection to the land is strong, but he says the villagers wish to stay safe is stronger.