3 Apr 2012

Tonga publisher says less tension and more unity at PINA summit

1:11 pm on 3 April 2012

A Tongan publisher and media freedom campaigner Kalafi Moala says last week's summit in Suva of the Pacific Islands News Association was the best PINA meeting he has ever attended.

The Fiji-based grouping of Pacific media professionals has been criticised for failing to address media freedom in the region, spawning rival organisations.

Mr Moala says there was less tension at the meeting than at past gatherings and he says his plea for unity was generally welcomed.

"There was a willingness among everyone else to discuss issues, we don't have to agree on anything but at least we can agree to disagree and yet we need to be a lot more united in terms of our operations and how we can move into the future."

Tongan publisher Kalafi Moala