29 Mar 2012

Strategy to improve education unveiled in the Marshall Islands

7:38 pm on 29 March 2012

To counter continuing poor results in public schools in the Marshall Islands, the new Education Minister Dr. Hilda Heine and the Education Secretary Gary Ueno are pushing a series of programme aimed at lifting performance.

Dr Heine says the goal is to raise expectations all around - among teachers, students, parents, at the Ministry of Education and in local governments.

Dr Heine took over the education portfolio in January, following her election as the only woman in the Marshall Islands parliament.

Mr Ueno took over as secretary of the ministry late last year.

They are faced with test results showing on average more than 70 percent of students are not proficient in English, mathematics or science, and a national census report showing that 20 percent of primary age students are not in school.

The Ministry aims to upgrade teacher qualifications, improved oversight, and an initiative to keep at risk students in school for longer.