27 Mar 2012

PNG's Sir Michael Somare asks why the Ombudsman has not spoken out over controversial law

2:50 pm on 27 March 2012

Papua New Guinea's Sir Michael Somare says the Chief Ombudsman needs to outline what actions it is taking over what he calls the continuously offensive conduct of the O'Neill regime.

Sir Michael, who continues to maintain he is the legitimate prime minister of PNG, says Chronox Manek's silence on issues, such as the Judicial Conduct Law, is unacceptable.

He says the democratic rule of the majority is being blatantly abused and yet the Commission has been absolutely quiet.

Sir Michael says the Ombudsman Commission should pursue this regime in the same way that they pursued him relentlessly over his annual financial returns.

He says Mr Manek should be informing the public that the passage of the Judicial Conduct Law is unnecessary as the Constitution adequately covers the conduct of judiciary.