22 Mar 2012

Wider support created for Samoa victim support group

2:58 pm on 22 March 2012

The Samoa Victim Support Group says expanding to American Samoa and Australia will help it sustain its operations.

Talks have been held in Sydney, Australia for plans to establish the organisation there and plans to launch a branch in Leone, American Samoa are being finalised.

The Samoa Victim Support Group President Lina Chang says the NGO must secure funds to keep its doors open and says gathering support from Samoans overseas will help in achieving that.

"The main reason behind it is for them over there to help the Samoa Victim Support Group in Samoa because they're all aware that we have shelters and we also operate home schooling to help these kids in the shelter. So it's mainly helping us out in sustaining our work here."

Lina Chang says the American Samoa victim support branch will be launched in two weeks, while its members from Sydney will visit Samoa in May.