22 Mar 2012

Bluesky Samoa mobile unhappy with marketing ploy by Digicell

7:51 am on 22 March 2012

The Bluesky Samoa mobile phone network is taking a complaint to the office of the regulator in Apia after the latest marketing ploy by its rival, Digicell.

It says Digicell used sales people on foot aggressively offering inducements to Bluesky clients to switch to their network.

The Bluesky CEO, Adolfo Montenegro, says Digicell's actions amount to unfair competition and are geared towards stopping his company from giving the people of Samoa a good choice for mobile services.

He says, in a statement, that the company will not stand by while Digicell aggressively removes phones from its customers' hands.

Digicell says it has not been informed by the office of the regulator of any complaint about its marketing techniques.