14 Mar 2012

Niue premier confident about shipping registry

4:34 pm on 14 March 2012

The premier of Niue says he's confident the country's planned shipping registry will not be abused.

Legislation has been passed to allow for the setting up of a registry which will permit ships to sail under the Niuean flag.

Premier Toke Talagi says it has been set up with a Singaporean company which will manage the registry and pay fees to Niue.

There was controversy in Tonga ten years ago when ships carrying its flag were accused of transporting terrorists into Italy and arms to groups linked with Al Qaeda.

But Mr Talagi says Niue's registry will have rules that should control this.

"There are rogue captains and rogue owners who will do silly things about ships that are registered in whatever jurisdiction, whether that is in the Pacific or around the world. And in our case we are trusting on our partners in Singapore that they don't in fact register or recommend to us to register ships that have rogue captains or rogue owners."