7 Mar 2012

50 job contracts given by French Polynesia president in doubt

6:44 pm on 7 March 2012

The administrative court in Papeete has heard a complaint by the French high commissioner, Richard Didier, who alleges that the French Polynesian president has hired 50 staff illegally.

According to Mr Didier, who is responsible for administrative probity, the 50 contracts for a range of people hired by Oscar Temaru should be cancelled.

The contracts considered to be illegal were given to secretaries, special secretaries, technical advisors who Mr Didier alleges didn't do their jobs.

Local television says those holding the positions defended their hiring, saying they had a special and confidential link.

A verdict is expected in two weeks.

Local television says two previous presidents, Gaston Flosse and Gaston Tong Sang, had 86 and 14 such special contracts annulled by the court.