5 Mar 2012

Solomons TRC chairperson urges government unity over report

11:08 am on 5 March 2012

The chairperson of Solomon Islands' Truth and Reconcilation Commission is urging the government to unify over a report into the ethnic tensions.

The commission was established to investigate the causes of the civil unrest between 1998 and 2003, which began when Guadalcanal militants forced many Malaitan settlers off the island.

The commission's report, based on 11 hearings around the country, has been formally handed to the prime minister, who's to take it to cabinet before it goes to parliament and becomes public.

Father Sam Ata says people are expecting the government not to delay in implementing the findings.

"If the government continues to behave in this manner where there is instability in the leadership it will bring uncertainty to the expectation of the people. And this is a crucial moment of the leaders to put their acts together and to look more at the concern of the people rather than their own interest."

Father Sam Ata says he expected the prime minister to indicate when the report would go to parliament but he hasn't done that.