2 Mar 2012

Warning of repercussions in Solomons if truth/reconcilation report not actioned

5:23 pm on 2 March 2012

The chairman of Solomon Islands' Truth and Reconciliation Commission is warning the government to act swiftly on its recommendations for reparation over the ethnic tensions.

The commission was established to investigate the causes of the civil unrest between 1998 and 2003, which began when Guadalcanal militants forced many Malaitan settlers off the island.

This week Father Sam Ata handed a report based on 11 hearings around the country to the prime minister, who will now take it to cabinet.

Father Ata says the report can only be made public once it's been presented to parliament.

"The expectation of society is very high at the moment and if the government chooses to delay or otherwise it might have serious repercussions to any development in Solomon Islands."

Father Sam Ata says the government is legally bound to act on the report's recommendations and once it's made public the international community will be watching to ensure it does.