29 Feb 2012

PNG Electoral Commission insists General Election will go ahead as planned

10:25 am on 29 February 2012

Papua New Guinea's Electoral Commissioner says the national election will go ahead in June as scheduled.

Andrew Trawen's assertion comes days after the government indicated it was considering postponing the poll for at least six months.

Mr Trawen says the date of the national election is fixed and cannot be changed, with the two-week polling period commencing on June 23.

He says that to delay or defer the 2012 elections will be unconstitutional.

Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah flagged the possibility of a six-month delay on Sunday, saying the government wanted to install an Indian-built biometric voting system to ensure elections are free and fair.

Other MPs had signalled a delay as an option because a significant part of the electoral roll is understood to be incomplete.

But Mr Trawen says he's confident the 2012 elections will not fail and that the commission will do its best to get the electoral roll completed.