27 Feb 2012

Watchdog adamant that PNG election must not be delayed

7:26 pm on 27 February 2012

Transparency International Papua New Guinea says it views with the greatest concern any attempt to delay the election in June.

An incomplete electoral roll has sparked calls from politicians for a postponement, but the spokesperson for TIPNG, Lawrence Stephens, says this can't be justified.

He says the people get one chance in five years to choose who should govern them and this process should not be stopped by people unwilling to face the electorate.

Mr Stephens says claims of difficulties posed by an incomplete roll have been a feature of each election since independence.

"There is always an effort to create a fear amongst the general public that things are really in disarray, when the level of disarray is certainly no greater that it has been in the past and from the impressions that we have far less than it has been in the past."