22 Feb 2012

Nukualofa researcher says public should have had access to dumped report

6:41 pm on 22 February 2012

The author of a report on the redevelopment of Tonga's business centre says good governance was flouted when her review was dumped without being made public.

Auckland University of Technology Pacific Development lecturer Dr Teena Brown Pulu gave the project a clean bill of health in its first review ordered last April by the Prime Minister, Lord Tui'vakano.

She says her report was dismissed because it did not meet assumptions made about missing funds and substandard buildings.

Dr Brown Pulu says a summary should at least have been presented to parliament.

"That follow through is integral to strengthening democratic process, so that it's discussed and debated and if it's decided that the report is insufficient, that's fine but process has been followed through."

But Dr Brown Pulu says glitches are understandable as democracy in Tonga evolves.