16 Feb 2012

Export from Cook Islands' Aitutaki to New Zealand appear to have failed

8:09 pm on 16 February 2012

A plan to export fresh produce from Aitutaki in the Cook Islands to New Zealand appears to have failed.

While three container loads of produce have recently been exported, the producers have only been paid a fraction of what they expected.

They have got just over 7,000 US dollars, but were anticipating ten times that amount.

The Aitutaki mayor John Baxter says it's disappointing it has ended this way.

New Zealand based Aitutakian, John Kiria, who distributed the products across New Zealand, says he was unaware that there had been a problem.

He says there were some issues such as incorrect paperwork, while some of the produce was rotting by the time it arrived in New Zealand.