15 Feb 2012

Cyclone Jasmine causes flooding on Tonga's main island

4:14 pm on 15 February 2012

Cyclone Jasmine, which is now to the west of Tonga, has caused extensive flooding on the main island of Tongatapu.

Many houses have been flooded with the police and military evacuating them, while a number of fishing vessels were forced aground.

Jasmine, which is now weakening as it moves away to the west, was a category one storm.

Our correspondent, Mateni Tapueluelu, says it followed last week's Cyclone Cyril and that is why the flooding is so widespread.

"There is now fear of disease spreading simply because the water from the last cyclone about a week ago did not fully recede and now you've got more flooding, so more people that had to evacuate their places."

Tonga correspondent, Mateni Tapueluelu.

He says there have been reports of shops being looted as the Cyclone passed by the island.