30 Jan 2012

Rising sea level affecting food and shorelines in Solomons' Temotu Province

7:08 pm on 30 January 2012

The Premier for Temotu Province in Solomon Islands says the rising sea level is causing food shortages and chewing up shorelines on many of its islands.

Among those worst affected are the low lying Reef Islands including the Polynesian-speaking islands of Nukapu, Pileni, Nifiloli and Matema.

The Premier, Charles Brown, says he noticed the sea level begin to rise about ten years ago, leaving many outer islands to now rely on food shipped in from larger islands.

"It is such a bad situation because the land is being eroded away. And in some places like the Reef Islands graveyards are already gone. And there's one particular island, Nukapu Island, that particular island the sea level has risen and crops have been destroyed, and the people's lives in fact are really affected by this."

Charles Brown says some of those from the outer islands have taken the initiative of moving to higher ground.