20 Jan 2012

Sport: Samoa Rugby Union releases audited accounts

9:17 am on 20 January 2012

The Samoa Rugby Union has released the independent audit of its accounts for the 10 months up to and including last years Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

"During the ten months until the end of October 2011, the SRU had total revenues of just under 3-point-4 million US dollars (ST$8,151,415) , which resulted in a net surplus of 326 thousand dollars ($1,267,091) , which was an increase of 118 percent compared with the 12 months to the end of December 2010."

In the leadup to the World Cup the SRU attempted to raise about 2-point-5 million dollars towards the Manu Samoa team's campaign and figures show total Rugby World Cup fundraising receipts of just under 2-point-1 million US dollars ($4,998,088) , compared with almost 1-point-5 million in World Cup expenses.

The audit found that 87 percent of the World Cup funds were raised in Samoa from the government, government entities, private and individual donation, 10 percent was raised overseas including Samoan communities in New Zealand and Australia and the remainder came from the International Rugby Board.

The total costs of Manu Samoa's Rugby World Cup campaign, including two warm-up matches against the Western Force, came to 1-point-1 million US dollars ($2,681,483) .

Following the tournament, Manu Samoa captain Mahonri Schwalger said the players were aware a lot of money had been raised for the team but that they were not told how it was being spent.

He said the players had not received any money over and above their weekly allowances and the team's European-based players had to pay for their own flights to Samoa and back at the beginning and end of the tournament.

The independent auditor, Lesa ma Penn, says the control over the receipt of fundraising revenue by the SRU was limited as overseas fundraising was outside it's direct control.

But he found that proper accounting record have been kept that give a true and fair view of the financial position of the Samoa Rugby Union.