12 Jan 2012

Lusibaea eyes Solomons seat after end of jail term

6:21 pm on 12 January 2012

A former Solomon Islands MP, Jimmy Lusibaea, says he plans to stand in a by-election for the seat he vacated when he was sent to jail.

Mr Lusibaea was released by the Parole Board nearly a year ago after serving only 41 days of a two year nine month prison sentence for shooting a hospitalised man in both knees and hitting a police officer over the head in 2000.

At the time, Mr Lusibaea was a militia leader.

He says his sentence ended last month and he is running if his people give him their support again.

In what appears to be a precedent in Solomon Islands, the foreign minister, Peter Shanel, contested a by-election for a seat made vacant because he went to jail.