9 Jan 2012

Lotto Samoa ends after 20 years

11:21 am on 9 January 2012

After 20 years, the Keil family which ran Samoa's national lottery , Lotto Samoa, has closed the business.

This is because the government did not renew the gaming license for the Keils.

The last lotto was drawn a week ago.

The biggest winnings by a single person during the history of Samoa Lotto was over 113 thousand US dollars.

Many people in American Samoa bought bonus tickets and tuned into the weekly draw for Lotto Samoa which was aired on the state broadcaster, Radio 2AP.

The closure of Samoa lotto has put 20 people out of work.

The government has established the National Lotto to replace Lotto Samoa with most of the proceeds earmarked for sports development.