3 Jan 2012

CNMI lawmaker charged with trafficking illegal drugs says he will take drug test

12:47 pm on 3 January 2012

A Northern Marianas lawmaker arrested on a drugs charge says he will undergo drugs testing this week.

Ray Palacios was arrested two months ago for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine but he has claimed the only thing stopping him from taking the drug test has been a lack of money.

He says he would have liked to undergo drug testing but doesn't have the extra 50 US dollars or so to do it.

Last week, the Superior Court associate judge David Wiseman found Palacios in contempt for disobeying court orders requiring him to make monthly payments in connection with a consolidated 11-year-old civil case.

Last October, the House Speaker Eli Cabrera asked House members to undergo drug testing to help remove suspicion in anyone's mind about lawmakers, following Palacios' arrest on charges of drug trafficking and alleged drug use.