30 Dec 2011

Samoa to skip a day tonight

11:30 am on 30 December 2011

At midnight tonight, Samoa will skip a day and move to the West of the International Dateline.

The move will align Samoa with its major trading partners of New Zealand and Australia.

Changing the dateline will mean Samoa can no longer boast to be the last country in the world to see the sun.

But the chief executive of the country's tourism authority, Sonja Hunter, says now the country can say it's the first place to the day.

"We're currently looking at the numbers, how many people had actually come to Samoa when we were the last place to say farewell to the day. We still have American Samoa, still an advantage in that you still can start and end the day in Samoa, because we have American Samoa across the dateline now."

The chief executive of the Samoa Tourism Authority, Sonja Hunter.