15 Dec 2011

Churches, civil society seek collaborative route out of PNG political impasse

2:40 pm on 15 December 2011

Church leaders and civil society groups in PNG have called on the two groups claiming to be government to get together and find a working solution to the impasse.

This comes as a march on Parliament House has been planned for today to protest at both sides of the political standoff.

Paul Barker of PNG's Institute of National Affairs says there's considerable support in the community for a Melanesian-style, collaborative route out of the deadlock.

"Maybe there could be a caretaker unity government that came in just to carry us across to the next election which is only a few months down the track, rather than this scenario of winner-takes-all which seems to be what the two sides are wanting. And the public think, oh well one team or another just wants their hands on the cash in the treasury."

Paul Barker