9 Dec 2011

154 ranking in world corruption a goal to work from says PNG Transparency

3:27 pm on 9 December 2011

Transparency International Papua New Guinea says the country is making progress on corruption, despite its 154th place in an international index of 182 countries ranked as corrupt.

The chairperson, Lawrence Stephens, made the comment following an event his organisation hosted to mark today's nternational Anti-Corruption Day.

Mr Stephens says the gathering of school students and others was an opportunity for the commnuity to observe the level of corruption in society and to make a public statement about it.

He says although many politicians are involved in some form of corruption Transparency International PNG is working with the members of parliament who are committed to stopping it .

"And a large number of Papua New Guinea citizens who are fed up to the teeth with misuse of funds, misuse of office. And with the support of those people we believe, yeah, huge challenge, but we can make a difference."

Transparency International PNG's Lawrence Stephens.