1 Dec 2011

Human Rights group fears Indonesian response to Papua anniversary

7:09 am on 1 December 2011

A Papuan human rights worker says he fears the response by Indonesian security forces to celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of a declaration of independence by West Papuans today.

Ferry Marisan of the Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy, Elsham, says many extra police, military and Kopassus Special Forces have been deployed to Papua region ahead of the anniversary.

He says there are celebrations planned in each regency of Papua region.

"I was afraid that if West Papuans celebrate 50th anniversary of independence, I think it is possible that TNI (military), Kopassus and also police can arrest, attack and shoot people."

Ferry Marisan.

Meanwhile, Elsham says that at least 51 people were tortured by military and police during and after the Third Papuan People's Congress.

At least three deaths were reported.