25 Nov 2011

Former PNG cabinet minister reinstated as Pomio representative

6:09 pm on 25 November 2011

The former Papua New Guinea Minister for National Planning, Paul Tiensten has been reinstated as Member for Pomio.

NBC News reports that the Speaker, Jeffrey Nape, reinstated Mr Tiensten following consultation with his legal advisors.

Mr Nape told Parliament this morning that he had to seek legal advice based on different legal interpretations of Section 104 of the Constitution, which specifies circumstances that warrant the dismissal of an MP.

This normally takes place if a Member of Parliament misses three consecutive sittings of the House.

Mr Tiensten maintains he only missed two sittings, not three as Mr Nape had alleged.

Mr Nape also says he did not wish Mr Tiensten to take the matter to court and leave the people of Pomio in suspense.