23 Nov 2011

Upolu debates Samoa language bill

2:37 pm on 23 November 2011

Public consultations to discuss the Samoan Language Bill 2011 are being held on Upolu and later on Savaii.

The government proposes a bilingual curriculum in schools and compulsory teaching of the language from Year 1 to 13.

The proposed law also aims to declare the Samoan language an official language and establish a Samoa Language Commission.

The National University of Samoa's vice chancellor and member of the interim commission committe for the bill says it's overdue.

"Professor Le'apai Asofou So'o says cabinet talks first began on this bill back in 2003."

It has taken up until now to finalise the bill to be submitted to parliament, but it's well overdue.

Professor Le'apai Asofou So'o