23 Nov 2011

Postal votes crucial in Marshall Islands national election outcome

7:25 am on 23 November 2011

Postal votes from overseas ballots mainly from the United States will be crucial in determining final outcomes in the Marshall Islands national election.

Marshall Island voters went to the polls on Monday, and the counting of votes continues after the voting process went without a hitch.

That is in stark contrast to voting during the last election in 2007, which saw delays and under resourced polling stations.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says history has shown the postal ballot determines some seats.


For example in 2007, there were four elections that were decided by five votes or less, and a couple were actually decided by a single vote. So in this small place the tabulation is often very very tight, and the margins are very very close and that's why an absentee vote from here or there, can absolutely change an election outcome.

Giff Johnson says postal ballots are due in for counting by the 5th of December.