18 Nov 2011

Solomon Islands PM to continue National Coalition for Rural Advancement

7:35 am on 18 November 2011

The new Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has pledged to continue the core policies of the National Coalition for Rural Advancement.

Mr Lilo was voted by parliament to replace Danny Philip who last week resigned as it became clear his support base was crumbling.

Despite Mr Lilo being sacked last week from cabinet and having criticised Mr Philip over his alleged misuse of funds, the ousted Prime Minister is among the MPs in the new government.

Mr Lilo admits his new government is essentially the same as Danny Philip's and will follow the same development approach.

"There may be some changes in terms of emphasis and strategy in achieving some of these policy outcomes because of the expertise and experiences that we have with the group that is now coming in to form the coalition with us. But overall I think we would be looking at a better government and I think it is a government that is going to provide a sound stability."

Gordon Darcy Lilo.