16 Nov 2011

Palau's electricity almost completely restored

4:25 pm on 16 November 2011

The Government in Palau is expecting electricity to be restored to just under full capacity by tomorrow night, with the instalment of another generator.

A state of emergency continues after a fire destroyed generators at the Aimeliik Power Plant two weeks ago, cutting the country's electricity supply by half.

The President's Press Secretary Firman Meriant says a large generator from the Melekeok plant will be back online after the completion of a routine maintenance check which began before the fire occurred.

"When this generator comes back online it's going to generate another five megawatts. And that's going to take us very, very close to the peak demand in Palau. Palau's peak demand is about 12 megawatts. Right now we're running at about six-point-three. An additional five will bring it to obviously to more than 11 ."

Firman Meriant says the two most populated states in Palau will have 24-hour access to electricity once the extra generator is online.